Embrace Yourself

The five-day Advanced Enrichment Programme in Mathematics from 1 October to 5 October 2018 in North Point Children’s School proved to be a turning point in the way the students think. Combinatorics, Recurrence Relations, Number Theory, Dirichlet’s Principle, Cosine Rule, Secant-Tangent Theorem, Invariance Principle etc. were some of the topics that were revisited during the session. A brainstorming session was also conducted to stimulate their intellect. Prof. V. Seshan, Prof. Vikas Tiwari, Prof. M. A. Prasad and Prof. Joseph Amalnathan were the nationally acclaimed professors who imparted the conceptual knowledge. The professors looked into the queries of the students and clarified them with great interest. The students have embarked upon a journey that has fostered in them confidence and the zeal to learn beyond the textbooks.

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